Name in Japanese 菅原 有栖
Rōmaji Translation Sugawara Arisu
Appears in Lock On!
Character Design Petit Devil
Personal Info
Gender Female
Hometown Fukuoka Prefecture

Arisu Sugawara is a magical girl who represents Fukuoka Prefecture. She is voiced by ___. Her misaki is Hakatan.



Arisu has pale white skin and sharp eyes of light red. Her long, white flowing hair reaches the ground with long forelocks reaching her stomach with short bangs. On the left side of her head is a very long, pink gradient strand, while on the right is a hot pink flower. She wears a hot pink dress lined in silver with a white floral design. The skirt appears shorter in the front, with a gold ornament attached to her neck and circling her shoulders. The dress has a black coloring around the torso, with her boots matching the dress. The cuff of each boot is loose with yellow coloring inside and accenting of white and yellow. Her right leg appears to be dark in color with a design on it.




Character DesignEdit


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