Name in Japanese 越前 ふく
Rōmaji Translation Echizen Fuku
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Fuko Saito
Character Design Mamu
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 12
Birthday March 6
Hometown Fukui Prefecture
Height 142 cm
Vital Stats 69/54/72
Favorite Food White rice, Daifuku, crab
Sealing Tool Crab's Narcissus Cane
Designated Misaki Echipuku

Fuku Echizen is a magical girl who represents Fukui Prefecture. She is voiced by Fuko Saito. Her misaki is Echipuku.



Fuku is a small, fair skinned girl with large blue eyes and pale pink hair pulled into short, split pigtails. She has short bangs and two large cowlicks, and on each side of her head, she wears two large orange orbs with a gold star depicted on each. Her brown dress has a pale ivory pleat material around her neck and shoulders. Attached to it is a red bow, matching the bow at her chest and the layer of skirt on top of her white petticoat. She wears red flats with a bow on each foot with a short, white frilled sock, red earrings, and black arm sleeves with a tiny red bow. She is surrounded by tiny black and white stars.




Character DesignEdit


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