Name in Japanese 天野 ヒムカ
Rōmaji Translation Amano Himuka
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuu Ayase
Character Design PIKO
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday September 10
Hometown Miyazaki Prefecture
Height 154.0 cm
Vital Stats 79.0/56.0/78.0
Favorite Food Fruits (mango especially)
Sealing Tool Fire-bladed mirror
Designated Misaki Hanii-kun

Himuka Amano is the magical girl representative of Miyazaaki Prefecture, accompanied by her misaki Hanni-Kun.

She was designed by ____ and her voice actor is Yuu Ayase.



Himuka is pale-fair skinned with large light orange eyes and very long, thick pale red hair pulled into low pigtails held by black bands. She has straight cut bangs with longer forelocks of uneven length, covering her ears. On the top of her head is a black cap with a red oval-shaped stone on eacn corner. She wears dark red nail polish.

She wears a white dress on top of a black latex leotard. It has long, very long white loose sleeve for the left arm and a short golden bell-shaped sleeve on top of a black latex glove lined in gold. The skirt on the front and back is shaped line a split clover, lined in gold, covering a dark red-black pleat miniskirt. The black collar is large and loose, and she wears gold heels with black latex stockings attached to a garter belt. At the left of her chest is a large orange, pink, mauve, red, and gold ribbon tied into a bow with four red oval-shaped stones hanging from the tail.




Character DesignEdit

Key details:



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