Name in Japanese 玉藻 かのか
Rōmaji Translation Tamamo Kanoka
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Hibiki Aoi
Character Design Osamu
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday May 16
Hometown Kagawa Prefecture
Height 142 cm
Vital Stats 71/56/73
Favorite Food Wasanbon, soy sauce beans
Sealing Tool Huge Fan
Designated Misaki Hyakusuke

Kanoka Tamamo is a magical girl who represents Kagawa Prefecture. Her misaki is Hyakusuke, and she is voiced by Hibiki Aoi.



Kanoka is a fair-skinned girl with large yellow eyes and long white hair pulled into pigtails with straightened bangs. She has a single curled forelock on each side of her head and a single, large curled cowlick. On each pigtail she wears two oval-shaped spheres of dark blue and yellow, attached to a yellow ribbon. She also wears a white and black hat.

Her attire consists of a light, grass-green dress with four petals, one at each corner, held by a white flower. Attached to her back is a large yellow petal on each side, while the top of the dress is lined by a thick black section, held by string of dark red and white. Going down the center of her chest is a ruffled white material. Her bottoms are composed entirely of pastel spheres; coming in yellow, violet, white, pale blue, and lilac. Around her neck is a grass-green ribbon tied into a bow, while below her shoulders is a simple white flower bracelet. She wears black shoes with a yellow platform bottom and a large yellow sphere on each toe. Comes with white-grey-black gradient stockings with a white flower cuff on top of each leg.




Character DesignEdit


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