Magica Wars Lock On! is a shooter game developed by Galat Games for the iOS.


Dragons lie somewhere deep within the land of Japan.

Upon their awakening occurs an unimaginable "catastrophe", and the land soon suffers from "corruption".

The great deities of Japan, after foreseeing the omens of this awakening, sought to oppose these dragons, and in order to stop the outbreak of the "catastrophe", they scattered their powers across the nation as various shikigami.

Cleansing the land of "corruption", and seeking to put the dragons to sleep once more, a group of magical girls was chosen.

This is the story of the magical girls chosen to cleanse the land of "corruption"...


  • Magical Girl Rui (Real Name: Rui Shirakawagoshi)
  • Magical Girl Mana (Real Name: Manaka Kurusu)
  • Magical Girl Suzuten (Real Name: Yayoi Mizutani)
  • Magical Girl Yoshino (Real Name: Yoshino Nishimoto)
  • Magical Girl Marina (Real Name: Sachiko Shimanami)
  • Magical Girl Sardonyx (Real Name: Menou Amakusa)