Name in Japanese 笠間 澪
Rōmaji Translation Kasama Mio
Appears in Tactics
Character Design Yū Kisaragi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday April 17
Hometown Ibaraki Prefecture
Height 165.0 cm
Vital Stats 87.0/59.0/85.0
Favorite Food Natto, melon, Hitachi beef steak
Sealing Tool Mikanokami
Designated Misaki Hibarin

Mio is a magical girl who is introduced to promote Ibaraki as a magical girl alongside her misaki Hibarin. She is voiced by ___.



Mio is pale skinned with dark blue, medium-length hair pulled into a thick side-tail with a small amount resembling a pleat, held by a blue band. At the top of her ponytail is a dark blue rose with a single leaf and three chains of beads hanging from it. She has dark blue nails, and pale blue-purple eyes.

She wears a dress composed of an emerald diamond pattern with lines of ivy-green. The lower half is emerald with a black band over it held by green string. A row of white pleated frills is attached to the hem, on top of an ivy vine thorn vine. At the center of her chest is a blue shape attached to a sky blue bow. Her skirt resembles a glittery, two-layer flower on top of a pale blue petticoat. Attached to the back of her skirt are pale violet diamond chains of material. Her shoes are dark blue gradient fading to brown stockings with a polka-dot pattern. Around the left leg cuff is a purple bow with small ornaments attached to it. Around her neck is a fluffy collar, while below her left shoulder is a pale brown-tan cuff lined by red string. An ornament of the same design is on her right wrist, attached to her black to brown polka-dot print sleeve.




Character DesignEdit


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