Name in Japanese 白鷺 沙羅
Rōmaji Translation Shirasagi Sara
Appears in Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kaede Yuasa
Character Design Tetsuusagi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Hometown Tokushima Prefecture

Sara Shirasagi / Magical Virtue is the representative magical girl of Tokushima Prefecture, fighting alongside her companion misaki __.

She was designed by ___ and is voiced by Kaede Yuasa.



Sara is a very pale girl with large, dark green eyes. She has long pale blue hair pulled into a curled bun bound with white and red striped rope and a beige ornament. Her bangs are straight cut directly above her eyes, with matching forelocks ending at her chin.

She wears a white long sleeved shirt with a black corset on top of it, held with a red and white ribbon. Covering her shoulders is a shawl of dark blue, blue, and white diamonds with a black collar and pale blue coloring inside. Her skirt is a plain, pale pink fold, while on each foot is a black sandal with red toe straps and white stockings held by several red and blue bows.




Character DesignEdit

Key details:



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