Name in Japanese 葉桜 千
Rōmaji Translation Hazakura Sen
Appears in Tactics, Zanbatsu
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sora Tokui
Character Design Choco Fuzi
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday February 10
Hometown Chiba Prefecture
Height 154 cm
Vital Stats 71/55/77
Favorite Food Oreo
Sealing Tool Twinpie
Designated Misaki Iwassan

Sen Hazakura is a magical girl who represents Chiba Prefecture. She is voiced by Sora Tokui. Her misaki is Iwassan.



Sen is pale skinned with short split-colored hair of fuchsia and dull blue with straight cut bangs. Her thick pigtails are held by large yellow flowers and small colorful petals, along with three, thin, large petals of black, red, and blue sticking out of the left ornament. Her bangs are straight cut, while her eyes are pale in color, worn with red glasses.

She wears a white dress with black material covering the lower half of her chest, held by a single diamond gem at the center, beneath her breast. The dress is split beneath the dimaond with a large gem ornamnt on each hip; one pale blue, and one pale pink. The skirting material beneath the dress is magenta in color. On each hand is a black glove to match her tights, worn with a thin pair of white boots; one of which is accented by a floral design. On top of her outfit, Sen wears a large white coat with oval shaped holes lined by magenta and pale blue, with a matching colored zipper. A large yellow flower chain circles the lower portion of the coat, matching the several flowers and petals around her neck and shoulders.




Character DesignEdit